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One time payment. Your posts stay on the homepage for 6-8 weeks before rolling off into the inner pages.

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Coming to a crawler near you. Health and Tech people stay tuned.

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PBN Builds, location citations, and profile links. Plans for more services in the future!


Returning customers make up a huge part of my business. Here are some reasons why:

How This Works

The ordering process is simple.

  • You Order

    You Order

    You read the provided order help documents and make a purchase. Pre-purchase questions welcomed and encouraged!

  • Reviewing Your Order

    Reviewing Your Order

    I personally review your order to ensure your site is fit for the network. If it is, I review your provided URLs and Anchors. I make suggestions as needed before sending to my team for processing.

  • Order Delivery Details

    Order Delivery Details

    Your order is scheduled and drip fed. A standard 10 post order will drip for 30 days. Orders are delivered with full drip schedules, and explanations for what to expect in the coming weeks.

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