PBN Myths that Suck

PBN Myths that Suck As a link seller, there is nothing worse than seeing misinformation about how certain things work. Unfortunately, it’s seemingly impossible to correct the ignorance that’s out there. It gets to a point where you want people to believe the garbage that’s being spread so that you know you’re that much further […]
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Analyzing Domains for Your PBN

Analyzing Domains for Your PBN “What do you look for in a network site?” – John Doe “What Metrics do you use to filter PBNs?” – Jane Doe PBN Domain analysis is something that seems to be up in the air. If you are active in SEO communities on Facebook or through forums  then you […]
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pbn setup

Setting Up Network Sites

Setting Up Network Sites Typically there are going to be two setup styles, Wayback archive creation as well as using some form of content management system (CMS). The most popular CMS used for network site building is WordPress. A lot of sellers will try to earn your business by offering “diversity signals” by noting they use a CMS like […]
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pbn testing

Link Based Tests for Toxicity

Link Based Tests for Toxicity Link-based testing for toxicity is something i’ve used for years. It’s one of the reasons my service has remained successful and why people continue to rank with it. I don’t assume my stuff works, I need to know that it works. What is PBN Toxicity Testing Whether you’re testing PBN […]
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