Niche Relevant PBN Links

Truth be told: I’ve tried to open this service three times now and I’ve succeeded three times.

The problem: I’m super greedy and I end up keeping the blogs for myself.

Features of the Blogs

True Premium Themes

I actually own them, use them, and have access to the licensing.

True Premium Hosting

I have separate hosting accounts for each site. Think Bluehost, A2, Hostinger, etc.

Auction Style Domains

Strong link profiles, toxicity tested, and filtered according to my guide.

Social Media Profiles

They feature a random mixture of twitter, instagram, and pinterest.

Macro Niche Specific

The whole point of offering this service is to provide blogs in specific niches.

Optimized Blog Content

Content that ranks. Low-hanging fruit still ranks in every niche.

Supporting Content

Think mini-topic cluster that supports your article, increasing relevancy.

Homepage Excerpts

Your posts hit the homepage and stays there for weeks at a time.
I didn't have enough space.

Features Explained

Themes - I own a number of premium wordpress themes. I decided a great way to make use of them was with this service. It also looks better than having everything come from a free repository.

Hosting - My sites load faster than most of your money sites. Some of you SEOs don't even use image compression and basic caching settings. While I love services like Launch CDN and Bulk Buy Hosting, I need the disk space and want the sites to have a faster TTFB and overall load time.

Auction Domains - The Domains are filtered according to my guide. The stuff I write I actually use because it works. I don't blog just to reflect on life experience.

Social Media Profiles - Your sites have social media (they should if they don't) so do my blogs. They feature a random mixture of twitter, instagram, and pinterest. Pinterest auto-posts from feed. Twitter posts from IFTT from feed. Instagram is randomly updated by me. Platforms were chosen based on setup style of blog.

Macro Niche Specific - I focus on the overarching niche that you're in. For instance I may not have a blog specifically about Dental implants but a blog about Health topics works just fine.

Optimized Content - Based on the topic you send me, I find a relatively low volume keyword that's easy to rank. I send it to my writer who comes back with a researched article. That article is then posted and optimized to rank with Titles, header tags, image names, alt tags, etc. Truth be told, there is still low-hanging fruit that's easy to rank.

Supporting Content - One of the biggest issues with PBNs is that they feature no other content than the articles used to send links to a target site. I figured a great way to combat this is by sending a topic-cluster article to the target article to support it. This helps the site as a whole and your article from a relevancy stand-point.

PBNs also lack internal-links and this is a great way to combat that footprint.

Homepage Excerpts - Unlike guest posts, your posts hit the homepage and stay for weeks at a time. This provides ample time for juice to flow and benefit your site. A good portion of guest post sites literally NEVER touch the homepage.

These posts are done via excerpts on the homepage. You can also read my thoughts on common PBN myths that suck. I've got news, homepage links are kind of huge footprint too.

Other Stuff- There's also all the standard stuff. About pages, privacy policy, contact, author images, unique plugins, SSL, non-client articles etc.

Why This Stuff Matters

The above factors make these sites stronger long term. Over time these sites gain traffic. Traffic usually results in gaining fresh links to the sites making them stronger.

These sites are actively attempting to rank for low hanging fruit in your micro-niche. That means sites that feature optimized articles, images, site speed, etc.


Are we a good fit?

The first niche I have ready is Health. There are a total of 7 sites.

The second niche is Business (lead gen folks, that’s you). There are a total of 6 sites.

This service will work on an application basis. Start by reviewing the restrictions/requirements below. You’ll then fill out the form detailing your URL and niche. I’ll review your URL and determine if you’re a good fit for the network. If your site is okay, I’ll email you back and I’ll then invoice you for the posts via my Panel.

Spots on these networks are limited and time sensitive. This is to ensure people can spend an ample amount of time on the homepages.

Pricing for these posts is solely based on niche. The health niche is more competitive and the domains are more costly. Which means a health post will cost more than a business post.

Health Network Metrics

Health: $100/post – 2 post minimum purchase.

These sites are filtered based on my PBN analysis guide. I’m not a huge fan of algorithm generated metrics but some people like to see them.

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

Site 5

Site 6

Site 7

Business Network Metrics

Business: $80/post – 2 post minimum purchase.

Site 1

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

Site 5

Site 6




As most people know, since June 2018 I’ve implemented changes to my regular network that has resulted in me rejecting as well as refunding orders. I’ll reiterate what I don’t allow as well as additional restrictions for this service:

  • I don’t do posts for Porn, Casino, Pharma (cialis, viagra, Steroids, etc), Gambling, as well as other commonly spammed niches.
  • I don’t do posts for churn and burn properties. This means splash style landing pages that exist to solely monetize with an affiliate cookie.
  • Your site should have an existing link profile (25+ Referring domains), Age (6+ months), rank somewhere for your targeted keywords.
  • Your link profile shouldn’t consist of pure spam. What I mean is links from automated tools like GSA SER, SAPE, SENuke, spam blog comments, social bookmarks, automated profile links, as well as shit tier PBNs (for example:http://www.skeleton.hatredio.design/).
  • Uses scholarship link building techniques.
  • Your chosen anchors need to flow in content. You don’t need to be hyper aggressive anymore and it sounds stupid to anchor with “best cbd for pet worms with anxiety.”

Violation of the above will result in your link being removed and I won’t allow you to order again.