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Network Features

Premium Themes
I actually own the themes and have licensing for them. Some of the blogs are even custom and are hand-made by me with Oxygen Builder. 
Optimized Blog Content
The content is highly researched and typically ranges from 1k - 3k words. Keywords are niche matched to the PBN and your link looks like it should exist there. The content is even written or reviewed by a Medical professional (Health Network).
Socials, EAT, and Schema
All sites feature about pages and some  even have author archives to further explain who the person is behind the site. The health sites have pages for the reviewers that outline their credentials as well as custom schema to tell Google the person is qualified to review the content. This isn't a joke either, real people actually read the content before it's posted.
Premium Hosting
I treat these PBNs like my money sites - They're optimized for TTFB and overall load time. They're on a mixture of good premium hosts (Siteground, Bluehost, etc) and servers from Linode, Upcloud, Vultr, Digital Ocean, etc. and are managed with (Nginx + Redis caching).
Supporting Content
We create a mini topic cluster that works to further drive relevancy to your target article. It also helps to legitimize the PBN itself through internal links. 
Other Content
Apart from client articles, non-client articles are regularly posted. This is to further establish the site and to acquire links over time.
Auction Domains
All of these sites are sourced via private auctions on Godaddy, Namejet, etc. or from reputable auction providers like SERPNames, ODYS, etc. All domains are filtered according to my guide.
Homepage Excerpts
These posts are excerpt style on the homepage blog roll which allows juice to actually funnel to the post. Unlike a guest post, you will stay there for weeks at a time.
Other Stuff
All sites have SSL Certs, Privacy Policies, Medical Disclaimers, Contact forms, unique plugins, etc. 

Customer Testimonials

Minimal clients are allowed on these networks.
Note: Names omitted for privacy reasons as per the request of clients.
BuilderSociety Customer
"Ordered 5 premium business links from Hatreds' Business network with natural anchors (in other words, no money anchors) and gave him a topic to follow. He provided us with the links within 7 days of ordering and our kw was at the bottom of page one before we ordered. About 20-30 Days later, we ended up getting the featured snippet for a kw that has 1300/ms with a CPC of $10! Very happy with the results and we'll continue using him for new sites that we add to our portfolio. Highly recommended, extremely well thought out service considering they add several relevant articles that innerlink to the article that links out to your ms that creates a circle of relevancy. Lots of shitty services out there, this one however is top notch and cannot recommended him enough."
BuilderSociety Customer
"Highly knowledgeable, great communication, and above all else, premium inventory that consistently deliver results. Dillon is a pleasure to work with"..."And also feel its worth me saying that the site again looks fucking great amigo, cheers!"
Josh MacDonald
"When I'm in need of quality links, I frequently turn to Hatred. I've been in SEO since 2009 and since then have tested hundreds of SEO services. Hatred is one of my top 3 picks when it comes to quality links. He has experience and charges reasonable rates. There is still room for me to resell his service to clients, and he brings them results. What more could I ask for? This guy makes The Hoth and Fat Joe look like children. I know, because I've used everyone."
33rd to 5th with 2 Health Links

Other Screenshots

I respect all clients (and their client's) privacy, some people did not want any form of identifiable information provided.
30s to 1st with 5 links - Rehab Niche - CPC $74 - 2021
Client from BuilderSociety
Client from BuilderSociety
Client from BuilderSociety
What Niches and/or Sites Don't You Allow?
I don’t do posts for the standard bad actors: Porn, Casino or any form of Gambling, Pharma (viagra, cialis, CBD, SARMs, steroids, kratom, etc.), APKs or illegal services, as well as other commonly spammed niches. I don't do posts for splash style landing pages or churn and burn properties - Splash style landing pages that solely exist to monetize with an affiliate cookie.
Are There Domain Requirements?
Your site should have an existing link profile (25+ Referring Domains), Age (6+ Months), and rank somewhere for your target keywords. The reason I do this is because it doesn't make sense to outbound link to a page that doesn't rank somewhere for a target phrase; Why would a website link to a brand new site? 

Your link profile should not consist of "pure spam." For example, automated links via GSA SER, XRumer, SENuke, blog comments, profile links, or social bookmarks en masse, or use services like SAPE or scholarship link building techniques. I also actively look-out for poorly done PBN posts.
Are There Any Anchor Restrictions?
I typically pick the anchors for clients, however if you have a specific requirement I can try to make it work and confirm it with you before it's posted. However, your anchors need to flow in the content.
What is the Turn Around Time?
Turn around time is hard to state as it's highly dependent on the number of posts you ordered, your personal drip feed requirements, current order volume, as well as niche. 

This service uses a number of writers and reviewers. Assuming you ordered two posts, the time to first post would likely be 7 days. Again this depends on the site being used (writer being used and if a reviewer is needed). After which the next post would be 5 days later to help space out the drip feed. 
Do I Get a Report?
Yes, this service is designed with clients in mind. You receive a full link report detailing the site used, anchor, target page, supporting post, etc. I also do not block crawlers as the sites are setup to resemble money sites. 
Homepage Excerpts?
I don't believe in having huge full-posts on the homepage as it looks terrible, not to mention homepage links are kind of a huge footprint. I analyzed this in the past in my article PBN Myths that Suck and there is next to no difference in movement.

How this works

1. Read through the FAQ
I have a number of restrictions in place to help minimize bad actors and ensure the safety of all clients receiving links. Truth be told, I care more about these sites than most people do their money sites.
2. Fill out an application
All applications are screened by me. I typically review applications within 48-72 hours of submission. If you don't hear back, email me directly as unlike other providers, I'll tell you if I can't work with you.
3. Keyword research
All client sites are niche matched to the network site. In depth keyword research is performed in order to find a keyword we can rank. Having an article that ranks results in free links to your post over time further legitimizing the post and increasing the benefit of the link. We create both a target article and a supporting article to drive relevancy.
4. The articles are written
Every Writer is trained to follow a specific set of parameters resulting in the best content on the internet for any phrase. Again, the goal is to actually rank for keywords in your niche. Driving both link juice from the blog as well as relevancy.
5. Articles are posted and scheduled
Your article(s) are posted and scheduled on the network. Indexation occurs rather quickly as most of the blogs are regularly updated with non-client articles.
6. Wait
Wait for Google to index the articles and allow for the link juice to funnel to your site. The same could be said for the ranking of the articles on the PBNs; Links take time to kick-in. Typically within a month we rank page 1-3 for target terms and progressively move upwards as I further optimize the on-page. 


I personally hate providing a screenshot of metrics in order to demonstrate the "strength" of a domain. 
Rather, here's an overview of the traffic these domains have attained. 

Note: Not every blog has traffic like this; When I see potential in a domain, we focus on that site. The goal here is to scale these sites to the point where I can run ads on them - PBNs with ads? Say what?

Pediatrician Health Site

This website is authored by a Pediatrician. We're listed on her Linkedin, she has her own clinic, and custom schema is even used to tell Google about these entities.   

Technology Site

All technology blogs are authored by the same Writer (unique personas). He has an extensive knowledge of computer hardware, systems, servers, gaming, etc. He's also a classically trained Pianist. 

Weightlifting Health Site

This site is authored by a Physical Therapist; She opted not to have her name listed on the blog. Instead, all of the content is reviewed by another physical therapist and posted under an alias. The content is so good that the PT who reviews the content uses it as training material for his students.

Business Site

The business sites haven't been a big focus for me but the blogs are very strong and show signs of rank-ability. A few of the sites are old Chambers of Commerce (no we don't impersonate them). 

Health Site

This blog covers a number of different health topics ranging from supplements to grooming. We haven't really established a direction as of yet and plan to do so soon. Upon doing so a relevant Medical professional will be sourced to review the content.

Health Site

This site is heavily related to nutrition. All content is published by an Alias and is reviewed by a Dietician; We're listed on her Linkedin and custom schema is used to tell Google about these entities. 
Health Site
Technology Site
Health Site
Business Site
Health Site
Health Site
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