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Guest Posts, Link Placements, Resource Links, and More. Outreach You and Your Clients can be proud of.
Genuine effort to filter garbage sites via Semrush API
Average Turn Around Time of 5-6 Weeks
Links look like they should belong on the page
Real websites sourced through outreach
No arbitrary minimum metric statements in order to maximize my profits and fulfill your order
single payment

5 Link Minimum Order


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How Outreach Works

Step 1
You order
The minimum order is 5 outreach links. I allow a maximum of two pages as targets as it makes outreach much easier. 
Step 2
Outreach campaigns start
Outreach and negotiations for your link placements begin. The entire outreach process for 5 links will take 5-6 weeks. 
Step 3
Guest posts are written and links are placed
Your links are paid for, content is sourced for new guest posts and/or your links are placed in existing content.
Step 4
You're sent a report
You are given an excel spreadsheet detailing where your link was placed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Makes This Service Different From Every Other Outreach Service?
It goes without saying, a lot of outreach services stink; I know because I've tested them. Unlike those services, we actually care about how and where you're placed. Meaning, your link looks like it should exist in the article and you're placed in a way that actually makes sense for potential readers (and search engines).

I've always hated the fact that when my clients ask me who to use for Guest Posts or Placements, I'd have to make recommendations to inherently sub-par services. Instead, I now can give clients exactly what I use on Tier 1 for guest posts/placements.

Note: These links are the exact (and I mean exact) types of links I use on Tier 1. A lot of other providers will shill one thing and then not even use it; That doesn't make sense to me and it feels super deceiving. Rather, I literally give clients and their clients exactly what I approve of on Tier 1.  
What Types of Links are These?
Outreach is sort of an all encompassing term for me.

We're reaching out to People in an effort to get a link on their website. I don't care if that's in the form of a New Guest Post, a Link Placement, a Resource Link at the end of an article, or even a link on a page, so long as it's relevant to my site and their blog shows clear signs of being liked by Google.

The reason I'm not marketing these links as "Guest Posts" or "Link Placements" is because we essentially will do whatever is fiscally feasible. My goal is to maximize the results from outreach for YOU, not my profits (other services have this backwards). Meaning on a cost per link, or metric per link, or whatever form of KPI you use to analyze outreach links, we're better. 

If the Blog owner wants a guest post, we give them a blog post. If they're cool with the placement of a link within their existing content either as a resource link at the end of an article or within the content, awesome.

Meaning, we look at the campaign holistically rather than on a link basis. If there is an opportunity to land you a great link on a site but we "lose" money, we'll still do it because it's a great link. Rather, we'll make up for it elsewhere. 
Do You Use a List?
Yes and no; I know that's vague so let me elaborate.

In the world of outreach, "list" has a negative connotation. Most people who sell outreach services use a form of "list" or "spreadsheet" or "database" in order to place you on blogs. Upon ordering from a number of different services you'll start to notice that it seems like they're all using the same blogs. This can be due to how they outreach and generate their lists, or they're reselling from the same provider. A visit to Globex Outreach sort of paints that picture; Why is it that a service that sells guest posts is trusted by another service that sells guest posts? I'll let you read between the lines. 

Over time we've curated a database and that database is absolutely used when placing you on sites. However, unlike other providers, we put extreme effort into pruning that database. The database is hooked via SEMRush APIs; Whenever a site loses large amounts of traffic (is possibly penalized) we look at what might of happened. Unlike your other providers, we know why a site might of tanked and what went wrong - these sites are subsequently blacklisted in our database. Did the site start having random links to casinos in their sidebar? What does their recent content look like? etc.

Meaning, yes, pre-existing relationships (a database) are used. However, fresh outreach is always being performed and new sites are always being added to the database; Sites that might of been in the database one month, might get retired the next.
What Types of Pages Do You Allow?
Technically, any page can be targeted. However, pages that are heavily monetized (like a traditional Amazon affiliate "best" of page) are significantly harder to get placed. 

Rather, you could create a resource page or informational blog post and internal link to the target page. In almost ALL cases, you're going to get a better link.
Why is there a 5 Post Minimum Order?
This is due to the labor involved in this process. Unlike your other providers we actually converse with the owners of the sites in order to negotiate the best placements possible for your order. I also need to make some form of profit on these links; As it is, for the price of these in comparison to what other providers would charge on a metric, traffic, or other means of measurement, we're more cost effective.

Example Sites from Recent Campaigns

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