Premium PBN Setup

  • 2x500 Word Articles
  • Mix of Free and Premium Themes
  • Diverse/Unique Setups
  • Rebuilt and redirected top URLs on Majestic/Ahrefs
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Premium PBN Setup

  • Need more than 25 setups? Contact for bulk pricing.
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Note: We can do whatever you want in terms of setups. 

For instance, if you have your own set of themes you want to use, we can use those. If you have a list of sites that you want them to look like we can do that. If you have a specific direction you want to take, ie a business setup, or magazine style, we can do that too.

If you want Magazine themes, you'll need to order more articles per site to fill up the blog sections.


Depending on current order volume and setups ordered the TAT is 8-10 business days.

This is usually preferred, but having just WordPress credentials is totally fine too. If you opt for WordPress credentials please ensure you have a maximum upload greater than 8 MB. This allows my team to use high quality stock photos and better themes.

You can see 10 samples of the article quality above. If you need more content you can order an add-on for $5 / 500 words.

No, I would never risk using a nulled theme. Some of the themes will not contain licensing, which means we are essentially using a free version. With that being said, the theme will still function for our purposes.